Monday, October 21, 2013

5 easy ways to lift the spirit

5 Easy Ways to Lift the Spirit

I tried the conventional way for many years and found that nothing ever really changed for me. I still got sick, still got sad, and was still unhappy for long periods, rarely experiencing joy and peacefulness.

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What to do?

Luckily for me theres always been that curiosity of whats out there in the alternative world including the alternative therapies. Ive tried many of them over the years and will continue to do so, all in the hope I can make things better for my body, mind and spirit. And it has.

Im aware that what may work for me may not work for someone else, so the message is to keep trying until you find something that will suit your needs.

Many times Ive been told theyve tried everything. What is everything? What it actually boiled down to you could count on one hand. Its worthwhile to keep searching, you may find that your world expands in a most amazing way by the making of new friendships (I have) and picking up useful skills for your self-healing tool-kit.

So what do I do when Ive reached a cross-road and need some direction or could do with some healing?

Below Ive listed 5 basic points that have helped to lift my spirit and with practice will also help yours:

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