Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 all natural spring cleaners

5 All Natural Spring Cleaners

Giving you an alternative to environmentally safer products that cost less than store brands.

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Spring cleaning has started. Its time to get the dirt from the winter off and start clean. Ive found 5 all natural cleaners I cant live without while cleaning the house. These cleaners are much safer for us and our environment. I dont have to spray the cleaner and run of out of the room. My house smells clean and fresh with no artificial smells.

1. Natural glass cleaner
Biodegradable ingredients Non-alkaline
No phosphates or ammonia
Contains natural ingredients (like white distilled vinegar) instead of caustic chemicals
Uses a concentrated formula, so there is less waste going to recycle centers. The concentrated, biodegradable formula is effective on a multitude of surfaces, including:

Glass Windows Aluminum Stainless steel
Chrome Mirrors Appliances

2. Natural floor/rug cleaner.
Versatile cleaner replaces need for other, more dangerous cleaners
No chlorine, ammonia or other caustic chemicals
No toxic or unpleasant fumeseven when mixed with other EcoSense cleaners



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