Monday, October 21, 2013

5 easy ways to create great info products

5 Easy Ways to Create Great Info Products

Information products are a great way to market. But coming up with valuable content your prospects and customers will love can be difficult. Here are 5 easy ways to generate the content your customers are asking for.

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So you've decided to start publishing an e-newsletter, or you'd like to develop a Special Report as an added-value for your customers, or maybe you've even decided to teach a teleclass or a seminar as a way to bring prospects into your business.

So now you have to decide what youre going to write or speak about. So just how do you come up with the content?

Well, you can start with looking at the knowledge you have that could truly benefit your prospects and customers. What do you know a lot about, that your customers and prospects don't? What information could you provide that could help them to improve their business, or make them happier, or show them a different way to do something, or provide them with tips on how to buy or use the product or service you provide?

The key is finding out what information your prospects and customers need or want most. Asking them is the easiest way to find out, and it is a great way to generate content for your info products.

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