Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 bad lousy words you should never say in your salesletter

5 Bad & Lousy Words You Should Never Say In Your Salesletter

Have you ever wondered why you still havent made any sale even though your product is truly one of a kind? The failure is in your salesletter itself.Discover the secrets to increase the sales power in your salesletter.

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Do you know exactly why people dont seem excited to buy your product? Have you ever wonder why your competitors make more sales even though they have a terrible product to offer? Even worse, why people couldnt even be bothered to live their email address in your opt-in form and subscribe to your free newsletter?
You may wonder people just dont feel interested to buy your product or maybe your price is too high. Or youve finally realized that your product is a pile of junk and decided to find another product to sell.

Youve got to stop whatever youre doing and think for a moment. It is not your product to be blame. Sometimes your own salesletter which is the one that kill your business. Youve written some words that people dont even want to hear and scare the hell out of them. Studied has shown using these words will decrease your sales up to 75%.

So, what are exactly the bad words you should never sa


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